Supplements to Boost Child's Immune System

Supplements to boost child's immune system

When it comes to taking care of themselves, children are the least concerned. They are exposed to millions of germs and pathogens while playing alone or with friends. With the ongoing pandemic of COVID-19, it is critical to enhance the child's immunity system. Although this exposure to the pathogens is also suitable for a child, it makes the immune system develop resistance against these pathogens in the future. But it is also beneficial to add some supplements to the child's food to protect them against illnesses and diseases.

While you give your children these supplements, make sure that your child gets the basis of healthy living: being physically active, adequate sleep, good nutrition, zero stress, and a healthy atmosphere. So here are the supplements that can be beneficial to your child to boost the child's immunity.

Vitamin D3

The deficiency of vitamin D3 in children can result in autoimmune disease, and your child can become susceptible to infection. It is essential for a healthy immune system. The children who are born with low levels of vitamin D3 get otitis or upper respiratory infections. The baby catches this within three months after birth and develops wheezing when it reaches 15 months. Children who regularly intake vitamin D3 are also less likely to be infected with influenza A.

Vitamin D3 is also vital in children's age as it helps the children absorb calcium. Babies need a dose of 400IU per day, and those who are more than one year need 600IU per day. If the child is ill, then the dose can be increased temporarily in children above one year, until the symptoms subside.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a vital element of the immune cells in humans. It is responsible for the human body's overall health, prevents respiratory infections, and decreases the typical cold duration. Research has shown that when we combine vitamin C with probiotics, it reduces the upper respiratory tract infections or the URTI in preschool-age students. The children who take the vitamin C supplements get fewer URTI symptoms than those who don't get it.

It is essential to intake vitamin C in the body at regular intervals. You can give your children fruits and vegetables like citrus fruits, tomatoes, potatoes, berries, and broccoli, rich in vitamin C. If your child gets ill, it is crucial to give the child a vitamin C supplement. 500 mg three times a day can be prescribed when the child is sick. Vitamin C is a vital supplement for the betterment of your child's immune system.


Curcumin is an ingredient that is found in Turmeric. It is exceptionally significant for good health and builds immune in children's bodies, and has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-tumor effects. It is also very effective against colon, CNS, melanoma, renal, leukemia, and breast cancer cells. Furthermore, it kills the inflammation activators like cytokines like NF-KB etc. Turmeric has also been found to eradicate the rift valley virus from infecting and increasing in the cells, making it an ideal supplement against cold and flu virus and even other viral infections.

It also boosts the brain-derived neurotrophic factor, which lowers the risk of brain diseases and improves the brain's function, especially in children of growing age. It also prevents depression and Alzheimer's disease by increasing the brain level of BNDF.


Probiotics support a child's growing immune system. If the levels of beneficial microorganisms and bacteria are low in a child's body, it increases pathogenic bacteria's growth. As the child grows, these harmful bacteria also grow. It can harm your child's health throughout his or her life. Probiotics stop the development of these harmful pathogenic bacteria. Children who get supplements of probiotics and vitamin C get fewer URTI infections and diarrhea.

If you give your child a diet full of fruits, vegetables, and grains, it will increase the levels of probiotics in their colon. Fermented foods are also an excellent source of probiotics.

antiviral supplements to boost child's immunity


Unfortunately, even a strong children's immunity is not able to withstand all diseases. Pediatricians say that any disease influences positively because the child's body begins to fight it, thereby enhancing the protective functions. Fortunately, now on the medical market, you can find many supplements or drugs, the action of which is aimed at combating the virus.

The first and most important thing is that children's antiviral drugs are aimed at fighting colds and reducing the time of illness. Taking medication is also necessary when complications of the disease should be avoided. The drug is often prescribed by a doctor for the prevention of illness, especially during the season of epidemics. Therefore, very often, doctors advise taking antiviral immunostimulating supplements to minimize the risk of contracting viral diseases.


ImmunoBerry consists of maitake mushrooms, elderberry fruit, shiitake, and beta-glucan. It is a useful supplement not only for children but for adults also.

The mushrooms in it are a fantastic source of nutrients and can be given to babies who have started to eat food other than mother's milk. They are excellent in building the immune system in babies and also offer many other health benefits.

The elderberry has been a popular food source for ages against influenza and the common cold. Many studies have shown that the usage of elderberry reduces the flu symptoms at least three to four days earlier. It also prohibits the viruses from infecting the host cells. It is also a great source of anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting benefits, especially in children.

Beta-glucan is safe for children, enhancing the immune response in the children and overall health. It is found in numerous plants, including shiitake mushrooms. Having one portion of Immuno Berry would build the immune in children. If the child is ill, taking two portions two-three times a day can do wonders.


As parents, we should be mindful and make the child's immune strong and healthy. All the supplements given in this article are excellent sources to enhance the immunity of the childYou should also be careful as many of the supplements are coated with sweeteners to make them acceptable and tasty to the children. Please, ensure that you only give your children the supplements that do not have these added sugar, which is not suitable for a healthy immune system. If you consider giving your child supplements, consult your doctor first to choose the right type of supplements and doses.

When every day there is a new virus or bacteria creating havoc globally, it is better to make our children strong enough to survive and fight these harmful pathogens.