The Best Immunity Boosting Multivitamin

The best immunity boosting multivitamin

During coronavirus, people have actively started to keep track of their immune systems. However, this practice should be followed throughout the year to keep infections and diseases away. Healthy lifestyle choices should never be a question point. We all know of the standard protocols of maintaining health, such as eating nutritionally rich foods, sleeping well, and exercising enough. However, one relatively less explored aspect has proven to boost immune levels like never before. Researches have revealed that supplementing your body with the necessary vitamins, minerals, and other such elements can considerably enhance immune responses and possibly prevent numerous illnesses. 

We will have a detailed look at some multivitamin ingredients proved to be the best immune booster supplements. Let's get started!

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is on our top list, considering its critical role in strengthening the immune system, keeping you away from all illnesses relating to the respiratory tract. It ensures that the various immune cells present in the body function efficiently and improve cells' protection against infections. Besides, it is compulsory against cellular death, which basically keeps your immune system fit by emptying the older cells and restoring new ones. Being an efficacious antioxidant, it will also protect you against oxidative stress. So, it is a highly recommended ingredient in multivitamins.

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Zinc is a common mineral found in multivitamins and other healthcare products as it supports the immune system a lot. Zinc is necessary for the development and responsiveness of immune cells while playing a vital role in inflammatory responses. Yet, around 2 billion people worldwide suffer from zinc deficiency, which commonly prevails among older people. It is important to note that an average American diet is not abundant in zinc, and besides, zinc cannot be stored in the body. As a result, it becomes essential to ensure that an immune supplement like zinc is incorporated into your multivitamin.  


Iron should be included in your multivitamin to ensure positive effects like improved energy levels, healthier brain functioning, and robust red blood cells. Besides, during some phases of the menstrual cycle, pregnancy, and puberty age the body's iron need intensifies. It is because iron is quintessential during the body's speedy growth and development. Additionally, vegetarians and vegans tend to miss out on iron as their diet exclude meat and some other iron-heavy food intakes. Considering the above points, supplementing your multivitamin with iron is undoubtedly a good idea.

Vitamin D

Some people build a deficiency of this vital vitamin, which then negatively affects their immune functioning. A low vitamin D level is linked to a higher risk of infection in the upper respiratory tract, like influenza and allergic asthma. And when your multivitamin supplements vitamin D to the body, the chances of these diseases are significantly lessened. In addition to that, a study remarks that immune supplements with vitamin D improves the response to antiviral therapies for those facing particular infections, such as hepatitis C and HIV. It implies that a multivitamin with vitamin D not only protects your immune system but also helps you fight other illnesses. 

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Black elderberry, traditionally known as Sambucus nigra, is being used to heal numerous infections and has been found to have a positive impact on immune health. A study conducted has revealed that not only it enhances immune system response but also helps in shortening the term and intensity of cold while lessening symptoms associated with viral infections. Another test-tube study shows that elderberry has strong antibacterial and antiviral properties to fight bacterial pathogens that usually affect the upper respiratory tract infections. As a result, having it in your multivitamin is highly recommended. 


Echinacea is recognized for its beneficial impacts on the immune system. Several studies have discovered that this plant helps boost your immune system by combating various germs and viruses, which ultimately helps in recovering from illness. That is why echinacea is commonly used for the prevention or treatment of the common cold. Besides, a survey of 14 studies observed that consuming echinacea in the form of supplements or multivitamins may reduce the chances of catching a cold by more than 50% and reduce its severity. 

Echinacea for Immunity


Curcumin has properties similar to a prebiotic, enabling it to improve the gut microbiota and strengthen the connection between the gut and immune system. In fact, approximately 70% of the immune cells in our body are located in the gut, so ingredients that encourage healthful gut bacteria significantly support the immune system. In addition to that, it is found to help the immune system by controlling elevated cortisol levels. All these points make curcumin a highly recommended ingredient in a multivitamin, mainly to boost the immune system.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A performs an active function in keeping the body's natural defenses in a good condition. It affects the mucous barriers in the eyes, gut, genitals, and lungs, which helps in trapping bacteria and other infections. Besides, it also supports the production and functioning of white blood cells in the body, further assisting in capturing and clearing bacteria and other pathogens present in the bloodstream.
As a result, a deficiency in vitamin A significantly enhances your susceptivity to numerous infections and increases your recovery time.


Multivitamins can be highly beneficial in strengthening your immune systems as all the necessary vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients are easily available. Especially with the current unfortunate events, it has become of importance to maintain a robust immune system capable of fighting the  bacteria and viruses. The above-given list comprises the top ingredients that should be incorporated in the multivitamin pills for your immune system to ensure optimal health at all times.