What Supplements Affect Blood Pressure?

What supplements affect blood pressure?

The blood that circulates against the blood vessel walls and the pressure it creates is called blood pressure. In evaluating a patient's health, blood pressure is vital to heart rate, oxygen saturation, respiratory rate, and body temperature. Blood pressure is influenced by systemic vascular resistance, cardiac output, and arterial stiffness. It is also affected by emotional state, situation, health, activity. 

Blood pressure that is too high is called hypertension, the pressure that is too low is hypotension, and the normal one is norm tension. Both hypertension and hypotension have many risks. Long-term hypertension leads to many diseases, which include kidney failure, heart disease, and stroke. Nowadays, youngsters also have hypertension due to their daily life routine and diet. 

Supplements that help in maintaining blood pressure

Vitamin D

People with high blood pressure have a lower level of vitamin D, which helps in maintaining muscle and bone health. 

Thus, people with blood pressure are advised to check their vitamin D levels regularly. A study conducted on thirty thousand people showed that vitamin D consumption reduces the chance of developing high blood pressure by thirty percent. So people who face high blood pressure levels should consult a doctor and take vitamin D every day. 


Magnesium helps to keep blood pressure under control. Magnesium mineral helps to prevent constricting blood vessels, which increase blood pressure, and it also helps in blood flow. It's also advised to include food with magnesium in your daily diet. Magnesium can be found in whole grain, green vegetables, beans, and nuts. But at the same time, there can be some side effects, so consult your doctor before starting with magnesium supplements.

 Vitamin B

People who take vitamin B get a lower level of blood pressure. Those who have taken riboflavin or vitamin B2 have lowered their blood pressure level. Folate and folic acid supplements, also known as vitamin B9, reduce blood pressure in people who have heart disease. If an adult takes higher folate, it protects them from heart disease and blood pressure later in life. The vitamin B6 supplement works well in animal studies. The research on the human being is lacking.


Potassium is the best natural supplement for blood pressure regulation. Many studies have shown that if you take supplements and eat food full of that mineral, your blood pressure level is reduced. Potassium promotes sodium excretion through urine and helps in relaxing blood vessels. In comparison with placebo, the supplement leads to a significant reduction in blood pressure. It has been found in the review of twenty-three studies. 

In other reviews, it has been found that this natural supplement is effective and safe, especially in people with high blood pressure who consume a diet rich in sodium.

 natural blood pressure supplements


This vitamin-like molecule is found in many foods and is also produced by the body. If you take this supplement, it reduces the blood pressure level. The consumption of a CoQ10 supplement reduces blood pressure reading. It was revealed in seventeen studies, and more research needs to be done on this natural supplement.


It's an amino acid that helps in reducing blood pressure levels when consumed as a supplement. Furthermore, it is found that L-arginine reduces total blood pressure in people and also diastolic blood pressure in pregnant women. It has been found in other reviews that L-arginine supplements improve blood flow and blood vessel function.

Vitamin C

Our body needs vitamin C, which is water-soluble nutrient, for many vital processes. Many types of research show that vitamin C supplements help to lower blood pressure. Research also reveals that people with vitamin C deficiency have a higher risk of blood pressure than others with optimal vitamin C.


Garlic has a variety of benefits, which also include heart disease risk and blood pressure. Having garlic supplements regularly helps in reducing blood pressure naturally. It is revealed in the study that supplementing garlic reduces diastolic blood pressure and systolic. And this reduction helps decrease the chance of heart attack, coronary artery, and stroke disease by forty percent.

Fish oil

Consuming fish oil helps improve heart health by reducing inflammation, blood lipid level, and high blood pressure. A recent study shows that a high dose of fish oil supplements helps in high blood pressure. Another review revealed that taking DHA, EPA, and Omega-3, including fish oil, leads to reduced diastolic and systolic blood pressure.


Probiotics are beneficial bacteria found in our gut. Supplements having these bacteria have numerous effects, which include lowering blood pressure. Compared with the control group, those treated with probiotic supplements had reduced blood pressure.


Because beetroot improves oxygen delivery and blood flow to muscles, athletes often take beetroot supplements to bolster exercise performance. Some researches showed that this root vegetable lowers blood pressure levels in people.

Green tea 

A variety of health benefits is associated with green tea, including normalization of blood pressure level. It's found that drinking green tea regularly for three to sixteen weeks reduces blood pressure levels.


A high dose of ginger supplements helps in reducing blood pressure. A study conducted on people shows that a dose of 3 grams of ginger every day for eight weeks significantly reduced blood pressure. Compared with a placebo, taking 2 grams of ginger per day helps to lower blood pressure, fast blood sugar and triglycerides.


It's a hormone made by our body, which is also taken as a supplement for high blood pressure. These supplements are popularly used to promote sleep when it also has many other benefits. A low level of melatonin production may be a high-risk factor.


In this article, there are several supplements that help in maintaining blood pressure. Before adding any supplement to your routine, you must consult your doctor because supplements may also cause side effects. Healthcare providers or doctors can help in determining an effective and safe dose according to your body requirements. And along with taking natural blood pressure supplements, there are numerous other strategies such as following a healthy diet, exercising, losing excess body fat, quitting smoking, drinking less alcohol which help to reduce blood pressure.