Immuno-Enhancement Patent

CortControl Granted U.S. Patent for Immuno-Enhancement

Treatment for At-Risk Global Populations

Glutrasol IE provides a real-time solution in the fight against global health crises
Portland, OR ─ March 29, 2017 ─ CortControl, LLC has announced that it has been granted a United States Patent for its immuno-enhancement food. The patent is the second received within the last six months by the medical foods formulation company. CortControl’s Glutrasol™ VE will be clinically tested to enhance vaccine efficacy by boosting the patient’s immune system. Glutrasol IE is administered before, during, or after vaccination to increase antibody production. CortControl is the sister company to Ramaekers Nutrition. Founded in 1969 by Dr. Joseph Ramaekers, Ramaekers Nutrition develops patented natural veterinary products to educate immune cells and enhance their function. CortControl is leveraging 40 years of studies and science developed by Ramaekers Nutrition. Glutrasol IE applies successful formulation experience from animal testing to the human arena. Benefits of vaccination depend upon the recipient's immune health. CortControl's immuno-enhancement strategy utilizes that dependence. “We are very excited about the potential benefits. Glutrasol IE is projected to impact literally millions of people in developing countries,” says CortControl CEO, Jim Daniels.
In numerous livestock vaccination studies, Glutrasol IE was found to increase a subject’s antibody titer by 4 to 5 times. Antibody titer numbers relate to the amount and type of antibodies in a subject’s blood, and quantify the strength of the body’s immune response. “The higher the antibody titer number, the healthier the immune response,” continues Daniels. “This is key when vaccinating at-risk populations with compromised immune systems due to poor nutrition, contaminated water, or other systemic factors. This is actually a really BIG deal for global health.”
Treatment offers two distinct benefits for global healthcare organizations and patients. First, Glutrasol IE is a specialty supplement, and is ingested just like other foods. It is a non-invasive vaccine intervention, and easy to administer. Second, the positive immuno-enhancement effects last well beyond the unsupported vaccination timeline. Protection lasts longer. This effectively maximizes medical teams resources. For pharmaceutical companies and others interested in partnering with CortControl in the production, marketing, and distribution of Glutrasol™ IE, an enormous opportunity exists. By increasing the efficacy of vaccine protocols, the cost of administering vaccines goes down and efficacy goes up. This bodes well for pharmaceutical companies wanting to boost brand recognition and profitability of their products. Further, for those involved in the logistics of vaccine delivery, the product is stable for long periods at relatively high, sustained temperatures. This is often the case in developing countries, where widespread vaccination is needed. In addition to immuno-enhancement and fertility enhancement specialty supplements, CortControl has more patent applications underway. The basic strategy remains the same: increase immune function to improve treatment efficacy.
About CortControl CortControl develops market-ready, patent-protected specialty supplements for manufacture and distribution. CortControl’s Glutrasol™ family of products, when combined with other specific medical protocols, work to boost immune function and dramatically improve outcomes. CortControl is committed to advancing global health by sharing emerging technologies with donors, tech researchers, manufacturers and delivery organizations.