Health Benefits

 Why Glutrasol?

  1. Controlled clinical studies

    We provide all clinical and published studies about ingredients where applicable.

  2. Innovation

    Our Research centers let customers to be connected with our scientists, so all our new innovations flow faster than for our competitors.

  3. Quality

    All studies and conclusions about Glutrasol quality are based on open evidence research. 

So, how does Glutrasol-IE support immune health, anyway?

Stress, in all its various forms, whether physical (due to viruses or other illnesses) chemical or circumstantial, has direct (and very specific) impacts on the immune system. The Glutrasol family of products is formulated based on a 40-year application of science-based treatments designed to address those effects.

When our bodies are sick or even when fighting viruses at sub-clinical levels, our immune systems prioritize fighting disease above other bodily functions. This immuno-deficiency can manifest itself in any number of ways as the body works to get well. Daily environmental or emotional stresses can also consume immune system resources.

So, if we can MAXIMIZE the natural immune support, we can MINIMIZE the impact that illness and stress demands, resulting in better overall health.

Cytokine Balance

Within the immune system there is a complex combination of small proteins called cytokines, with ratios needed to balance each other to maximize immune system health. Unlike multi-vitamins, generic immune system support or stress-reduction products, Glutrasol-IE directly addresses the cytokine balance needed for immunomodulation that enhances immune system health.

IE Benefits:

  • Supports immune system health to enhance your natural defenses;

  • Extends immune-protection for people in risky environments;

  • Increases and extends immune support for traditional health methods.

Glutrasol’s three actives: transfer factor, beta glucans and lactic-acid generating bacteria work in concert to maximize that cytokine balance. 


"Glutrasol IE is a life changing product for me. After my cancer went into remission, I never felt like my old self. I was tired all the time and didn’t feel good. Nothing I tried helped until Glutrasol-IE. I am now back to my old self and take it every morning." - Sharon M.

"I used to get sick about 4 times a year. Since I started taking Glutrasol, I seldom get sick. I am sure that the Glutrasol has made all the difference." - Rick M.

"I take Glutrasol I.E. 5 days a week. It could not have come at a better time. After 30 days, my mental and physical energy have improved. Thank you so much for suggesting the product. It was effective imediately. I love it! (It is easy to consume, too, because it is delicious)." - Dodie M., Ex-LPGA Pro-Golfer, golf teacher, yoga/pilates instructor

"I had respiratory issues that effected my energy and ability to manage my busy daily routine. I order the Glutrasol-IE product and after a few days I was amazed at the positive results I experienced. I am a firm believer in this product and will recommend it to anyone who is at risk for respiratory issues. - Julie H., California